Access concealed market intelligence

Can you imagine petabytes of data, stored on a server the size of a fridge, compiled into a report within seconds with a click, and displayed in a sleek-minimalist design?

The Google Big Query module does that. Turn the translation & localization data you have into a beautiful and practical report. Reveal your business’s uncovered potential with XTRF’s newest feature.

See clearly, decide precisely

Language service providers often risk missing out on veiled opportunities.
Or risk making biased business decisions.
Mitigate any of them with reliable market insight.
Big Query can turn your localization data into a sleek report with a click.
Know your market like your hand. Grow beyond industry average.

Get to Grips
with your
Localization Workstack

  • Enjoy a full view of all your projects, both running and finished.
  • Understand your average delivery time(s) for different requests.
  • Discover what proportion of your projects come from each client.
  • See which geographical regions yield the most orders.


  • Understand the quantity of jobs each translator is handling for you.
  • Assess average delivery times by translator.
  • See each linguist’s most in-demand specialty.
  • Determine your most and least used vendors by language pair,
    and assess their productivity.


  • Determine profitability per project at a glance.
  • View ROI by month, client, job, specialty, or language.
  • Assess margins and put more effort in profitable areas whilst reducing wastage in others.


  • Identify trends in language requests.
  • See the most and least popular languages by date,
    client, specialty, and more.
  • Uncover emerging fields for growth.
  • Track dwindling languages or specialties. Know when to pull out.

Less than 10% of large companies are insight–driven (Deloitte, 2019),
but insight-driven organizations grow by 30% annually (Forrester, 2018).
Join the 10%.

Big data will help you make unbiased business decisions
and access concealed market intelligence.
Seize the opportunity to perform 30% better,

access Big Query today.

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