7 reasons why you should be using a Translation Management System

7 reasons why you should be using a Translation Management System

7 reasons why you should be using a Translation Management System 150 150 XTRF Team

A perfect modern translation business is a constantly evolving target. You want to excel in your job, but the pressure is steadily mounting and you feel that you are fighting a losing battle against deadlines, margins, and requirements. With the market changing, the budgets being constantly cut, shorter and shorter deadlines, the current processes and methodologies are doomed to fail. Repetitive tasks, keeping track of projects, and generating reports are things best done by dedicated tools. That leaves you more time for things that you do best—build relationships with your vendors and customers. A good Translation Management System is a tool that automates your translation processes, manages various file versions, helps you with project management and provides rich reporting, manages prices and quotes. It provides integration with a wide range of CAT tools. And last but not least, it provides your clients and vendors with a dedicated web portal as an effective and intuitive communication channel.

So maybe it is time to automate most of the work that is consuming your time and not building direct value. Check the 7 symptoms below to see if a Translation Management System is a cure for your problems:

1. Cost calculations, purchase orders, and invoices are taking you way too much time!

A Translation Management System should take care of all the calculations required. It automatically creates purchase orders and invoices based on word counts in all managed files.

2. Managing all those files is becoming more and more difficult.

Do you struggle with different versions of the same document created at each stage of a project? Are you able to track all the translation memory files? Do you need to track them per customer or per project? Or maybe both? Are your archives of documents hard to browse? A good Translation Management System should excel in file management.

3. You need better control over your costs and margins.

You know that some customers are more valuable to you than others; do you really know which ones? When you need to prioritize, do you have this information readily available? A translation management system tracks your costs and revenues, helping you to optimize your margins.

4. Reconciling translator availability and tight deadlines is a nightmare!

Job assignments are taking up a large part of your time. A dedicated vendor portal in a translation management system is a tool not only for submitting tasks, but also provides a feedback channel for vendors to submit and manage their own availability.

5. Your vendors need a better way to communicate with you.

Folders full of e-mails and huge attachments are not necessarily the best solution for submitting and receiving tasks. E-mails can be undelivered or lost in a crowded folder. A dedicated portal is a much more intuitive and simpler solution.

6. You cannot always keep up-to-date calendars of all the projects you have to manage.

Trying to always keep your notes up to date is not possible with the constantly growing flow of projects. An automated process management tool will take care of tracking the stages and schedule.

7. Reporting and tracking KPIs are taking a large part of your time.

Measuring and reporting are a crucial part of conducting a modern business. They are, however, a hassle if you have to prepare them manually. Use a tool that has been built purposely for it.

So maybe it is time to take a step back and find what the core competences are that you are bringing to your customers. From that perspective, it is much easier to identify all those tasks that are not building real value and find tools that can relieve you from the most tedious tasks.



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