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A stress-free Christmas – how to plan it properly and not go crazy

A stress-free Christmas – how to plan it properly and not go crazy 1920 1465 Piotr Nabielec

You look at your loved ones and see smiles and gratitude. The preparations went well – you shared your tasks fairly and helped each other out. And you still have some time left for fun and a moment of leisure. Now, after a delicious dinner, you bite into a piece of cake. You eat it without hurry, a morsel at a time. Your mind is free of any worrying thoughts. An evening of meaning, warmth, and internal peace awaits you. All of you are focused on that which is most Important. Can the Christmas holidays really be like this?

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Task Lists – Common Problems

Task Lists – Common Problems 150 150 Piotr Nabielec

Time is the most precious resource that we have in our lives and it is limited. In this rapidly changing world, we want to achieve more and more. Our task lists are growing. We have more and more on our plates. More and more often people suffer from anxiety, burnout, and depression. We have bigger and bigger problems focussing, trying to avoid distractions and social media and news addictions.

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8 Practical Steps to Increase Your Productivity

8 Practical Steps to Increase Your Productivity 150 150 Piotr Nabielec

Having worked with a group of some 200 people who sent in more than 3,000 reports, I learned a great deal about what helps people increase their long-term productivity and level of calm, instead of simply becoming busier and busier. I do hope that these steps will prove useful to you, just as they were for the participants of the programme.

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Productivity vs holidays and leisure

Productivity vs holidays and leisure 150 150 Piotr Nabielec

We live in times when it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a relaxing, leisurely holiday. Paradoxically, the problem concerns not time, but the ability to use it sensibly. More and more often I see people who, having a few days off from work or even a free afternoon, struggle to cope with reloading their batteries. It is now common that a steadily increasing number of people have unused holidays, which are regularly moved on to next year.

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