Become more efficient and gain
greater insight into your business

Become more efficient and gain
greater insight into your business

Become more efficient and gain
greater insight into your business
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Over 350 clients around the world work with us to ensure their business goes from strength to strength, by increasing efficiency, decreasing costs, and providing greater strategic insight.

Speed is the name of the game

In today’s competitive business landscape, speed is key. Speed can be the difference between winning a job with that exciting new client, and missing the boat completely. Speed may also mean you lose a regular client if you’re not able to turn a project around quickly enough.

Small businesses can often deliver projects quickly. But, as businesses start to grow, they reach a tipping point. With higher volumes of incoming work, they find their processes are no longer fit for purpose, they are no longer working efficiently, and are no longer delivering work as quickly as before. They need to be able to scale. XTRF can help them do just that.

Increased efficiency thanks to automation

XTRF helps you to increase your efficiency at every stage in your workflow.

The Quote Request Form for new potential clients gathers all the essential information, and pre-populates a quote so it can be quickly and easily sent out. Meanwhile, current clients can submit new job requests through the dedicated client portal which also generates a pre-populated quote, so your team is already one step ahead. The automated project start functionality and CAT Tool integration mean projects can be created and costs calculated automatically. Availability requests, vendor selection and assignment, and file distribution and delivery, can all be automated according to criteria you define.

And, although your team may finish work at 5pm, the XTRF system keeps working in the background, with the client portal available 24/7, and automated delivery continuing outside of office hours.

All of this means you can provide quotes and deliver projects faster. Plus, since repetitive tasks are automated, your processes are far more scalable. And you have lower project management and operational costs. All of this results in greater profit margins.

But don’t worry, the robots aren’t taking over just yet! Because you decide on your workflows and preferences, you maintain control and have oversight of your processes. Plus, our email templates and workflows are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor your messaging and processes to each client – a real bonus for those end clients who value the personal touch.

Reporting provides valuable business insights

XTRF can provide you with much greater insight into your business, helping you make well-informed decisions. The reporting tool allows you to keep an eye on KPIs, work out your most profitable services, and identify your best clients. Gain insight into your sales process and monitor opportunities and conversions thanks to the inbuilt CRM. With XTRF providing end-to-end management of your workflow, you’ll have access to more data than ever before, and all in one system.

With these insights all centralized, you’ll be better placed to make informed strategic decisions, whether that be prioritizing certain client types, restructuring your offering, or rethinking your pricing model.

Reporting isn’t just for senior management either. Motivate employees by establishing KPIs and setting up views, dashboards, and reports of the data they need to work towards their goals. Reports can be scheduled and emailed to give you and your team snapshots of what you need to know, wherever you may be.

So, why XTRF?

Improve your efficiency. Increase your profit margins. Monitor your performance.

At the end of the day, what you really need to ask yourself, is not, “Can I afford to invest in XTRF?”, but rather, “Can I afford not to?”.

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