Business in the fast lane – Translations International’s story

Business in the fast lane – Translations International’s story

Business in the fast lane – Translations International’s story 1920 1465 XTRF Team

At Translations International, we use XTRF to manage all of our translation and interpretation projects from start to finish.

The platform provides a single, easy-to-use interface for our project managers to record all relevant project information, which then flows seamlessly to our reporting and invoicing. These days, every step from linguist assignment to invoice creation is carried out using XTRF.

The system is also able to automate several steps in our workflow and ensure that the same steps are followed for each project. This means that our project managers are no longer bogged down by repetitive tasks and are able to focus far more on building better client relationships and offering improved customer service.

Improved linguist selection

XTRF also allows us to store key information about all our linguists, such as their language pairs, subject matter expertise, advanced degrees, certifications, nationality, and prior experience. The search feature in XTRF enables our project management team to quickly match a vendor to a project using a variety of filters and to check past work history with a customer.

For example, in just one simple search, we can identify an Arabic translator with experience in military texts who is a US Citizen with current availability.

Benefits know no boundaries

The benefits of this revolutionary software even extend beyond the confines of our offices. The online Client Portal gives our customers the power to order new projects, review the status of existing projects, view and approve quotes, and review their invoice history, all from the convenience of a single dashboard.

The dashboard also serves as an archive of all past projects. And if that wasn’t enough, XTRF also generates automated client emails at different steps in the project workflow, allowing our customers to review and approve quotes with a single click.

These features mean clients are always kept in the loop and often give them a sense of added peace of mind. In many cases, it serves as a great differentiator when it comes to attracting new clients as it also serves as an indicator of our transparency.

Invoicing in an instant

Reporting and invoicing are both simple and easily customizable within XTRF. We can create custom fields to capture information that our clients require, and then that information can be included seamlessly on invoices and reports. Report templates can also be customized to meet specific requirements.

XTRF is a dynamic tool that has given us the ability to manage our projects, vendors, and clients all in one place, with cutting-edge technology and the highest level of efficiency. There’s definitely no going back for us and we’re excited to see what new features 2021 brings.


Molly Singh

Director, Admin & Operations
Translations International

Watch Suraj Singh, CEO at Translations International, talking about XTRF.

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