From local to global, from manual to automated – Tarjama’s success story

From local to global, from manual to automated – Tarjama’s success story

From local to global, from manual to automated – Tarjama’s success story 1920 1465 XTRF Team

Tarjama is a global Language Service Provider with an operations team of in-house translators, copywriters, editors, reviewers, and project managers.

From a small local company to a global one

Starting out in 2008 as a translation company based in the UAE, in recent years Tarjama we’ve rapidly expanded, and we now enjoy a global presence. But with offices, vendors, and clients spread around the world, we needed to identify and implement a system that would streamline our complex translation workflows, optimize our productivity, and give management full visibility.

Our workflow involves numerous stakeholders including project managers, linguists, our finance team, and our clients. Having a manual process that solely relied on emails, attachments, and Excel sheets had become increasingly complicated and time-consuming. So much time was being spent on repetitive tasks and communication.

What having one central system means for us

With XTRF, we found one central system that we can fully rely on for our whole translation management process. XTRF provides us with a single environment where we can connect and work with all stakeholders throughout our end-to-end translation workflow – from processing client quotations to assigning tasks to linguists and delivering the final project.

XTRF made it a whole lot easier for our finance team as well. They can now set up, process, and issue quotations and invoices directly through XTRF, for the client’s visibility and approval. We faced one issue where some of our clients needed their invoices in Arabic. But XTRF’s support team solved that problem for us. They were quick to adapt our system features so we can download an Arabic version of the invoice. Instead of going through the hassle of downloading the English version ourselves, translating it, and sending the translated version to our client via email, we can now do it with a click of a button.

Our project managers have full visibility and control over our human resources and client projects. XTRF imports and centralizes details of our human resources, making it so much easier and faster to find the right talent for each request. XTRF also gives us a transparent view of all projects, including the revenue, costs, and profit margin of each project, which enables us to make key data-driven decisions.

We can satisfy increasingly complicated client demands

Another great advantage of XTRF is the Client Portal, where our clients can directly make requests and access their project status and invoices. When one of our potential clients requested some adjustments to the Client Portal before closing a deal with us, XTRF’s support team was quick to help. They were able to get the customizations set up in a short time before the client’s agreed starting date with us.

Using XTRF has simplified our complex daily workflows, saving us so much time and enabling us to work smarter. Ultimately, this means we can deliver better translations, faster, for our valued client.

Tarjama Team

XTRF Client - Tarjama

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