Future-proofing business the right way – Tilde’s success story

Future-proofing business the right way – Tilde’s success story

Future-proofing business the right way – Tilde’s success story 1920 1465 XTRF Team

As the saying goes: time is money. That’s why at Tilde, we knew that we had to automate sections of our workflow. That said, the transition is not as simple as it sounds and there are many factors to be taken into account.

Finding the ‘right’ fit

When it came to deciding on a translation management automation vendor we were initially overwhelmed. However, it was the flexibility of XTRF’s platform that really set them apart, and in fact, the endless customization options offered by the team have brought us big rewards.

Also, given XTRF’s outstanding reputation in the sector, we knew we were in good hands.

By way of example, the macro and vertical columns which generate reports with every job delivery enable us to build up a better profile of the vendors we have on our books, the quality of their work, and their timeliness in terms of project delivery.

This allows us to filter our vendor database, tackle issues with anyone that isn’t performing well, and reward those that are continuously submitting great work. From the vendor perspective, it gives them a greater sense of accountability and also makes them feel less like a number.

The man and machine – more productive team

We all know that machine translation systems are gradually earning their place in the translation workflows of companies across the globe. That said, adding Tilde MT (machine translation) to the project management process was crucial for us. We did it by creating a direct Memsource integration workflow for those client projects where MT can be used.

In fact, this has boosted our vendors’ productivity and helped our translators to keep on top of increasing text volumes and tight deadlines without the extra stress. Especially with our new adaptive machine translation engines that learn from translators’ corrections and improve through use, our translators can do more in less time.

Seamless transitioning

It’s safe to say that without the support of the XTRF team we’d most likely still be struggling to get this new, improved workflow off the ground.

The training sessions, most in-person and online, helped our employees to quickly get a handle on the intricacies of the platform and to gain user confidence before going live. From a company perspective, this obviously assisted in streamlining the transition phase and helped to avert any mishaps during those first few weeks.

But perhaps most impressive was the time it took to implement the translation management platform. Though it may sound hard to believe, it took us less than six months to move all our operations across from our old system to XTRF.

Expertise speaks for itself

Of course, our lightning speed transition was made possible thanks to our great collaboration with the XTRF team. Their attention to detail and expertise was instrumental in facilitating this process, as was their willingness to customize aspects of the platform and integrate external apps.

Thanks to the work of XTRF, Tilde expects to process around 70 000 incoming translation tasks with XTRF in 2021.

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