Glitch-free system transition and online training – Quick! Translations success story

Glitch-free system transition and online training – Quick! Translations success story

Glitch-free system transition and online training – Quick! Translations success story 1920 1465 XTRF Team

Our translation agency has been operating in the Czech market for over 20 years. As the translation and localization market has undergone dynamic technological development over the years, mainly due to the rapid development of CAT tools and, recently, development and use of machine translation systems, working with our previous project management system, which was based primarily on spreadsheets, became exhausting. Therefore, for several years we have been looking for a system that would make our lives easier by shortening and automating our project management processes.

We are a rather small company that simultaneously operates on an international platform, conducts transactions in several currencies, and has the specific needs of a translation agency. Finding a tool that was tailored to our needs, while at the same time also offering a choice of options for small businesses, was by no means easy.

The XTRF system was created by people who deeply understand such needs, and offers options for companies that do not have an extensive organizational structure, but still need to use all the features specific to this sector. The settings allow us to adjust the system to perfectly suit our needs, without forcing unnecessary options on us that would interfere with our everyday work. The interface is very clear, user-friendly, and easy to get to grips with.

Even as early as the initial discussions, we understood that we could count on the proactive approach of the system supplier. We don’t know if we were the first Czech company to purchase this product, but adapting the system and templates to the needs of the Czech accounting system took a lot of patience 😊.

We were worried about the day when we would start working with the new system and all the unexpected errors that such a system could throw up. But there was no need to have worried at all. During the trial period, we prepared ourselves so that we were familiar with all the tools the system had to offer.

The XTRF Academy is a great, clearly structured tool that helped us understand the entire “philosophy” and capabilities of the platform even before its implementation. Fast responses and professional support from the supplier and helpdesk staff are yet more advantages XTRF has to offer – not just during implementation, but also now, whenever we need help.

We jumped in at the deep end – which, however, turned out to be safe. We also gradually discovered that the system is so flexible that, in a sense, we can create it ourselves 😊. Now, when we have managed to introduce all the necessary settings for day-to-day work, we are gradually discovering new advantages of XTRF.

One thing is certain – it was the right decision. We now need far less time to handle orders and accounting work. The system is convenient and transparent and makes communication and cooperation with customers and suppliers much easier, saving us time, which we can devote to the company’s development, therefore reducing costs.

Last but not least, this professional management tool also improves the image of our company on the market.


Ewa Luchowska-Mertl
Managing Director
Quick! Translations s.r.o.

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