How to streamline your
vendor management processes

How to streamline your
vendor management processes

How to streamline your
vendor management processes
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We all know that vendors are a precious resource for any company in the translation and localization industry. They need to be carefully recruited, assessed, selected, and managed. Traditionally, many steps of this process have been manual and time-consuming. With XTRF, you can streamline them to ensure your vendor management is both effective and efficient.

Effective and efficient vendor management

Registering new vendors

Ask new potential vendors to complete the vendor registration form to gather all the information you need, in the format you need it. Each vendor’s details are stored in a dedicated profile, including their specializations, rates, and comments. Vendors can change their personal details as needed, meaning your information is always kept up-to-date.

Choose the best vendors for each job

Evaluate the quality of your vendors’ work after each project, provide feedback, and rank them in the system to ensure you pick the best person for the next job. Using categories and filters, you can pull together teams of vendors to meet each project’s needs, rather than relying on personal preferences or anecdotal evidence. Avoid spending valuable time contacting potential vendors about a particular project, with our cascade system. The Cascades automatically send requests to small groups of vendors in turns, according to your chosen criteria, such as price, quality, and response time.

The Vendor Portal – a one-stop shop

Deliver and receive project files, job specifications, purchase orders, and invoices through the vendor portal. Vendors can get all the information they need in one place. And your team can spend less time sending multiple emails with an automated flow of files and communications. This means that you’re able to stay in touch with more vendors. The portal also allows vendors to upload their availability, so you can keep on top of this as well.

CAT Tool integration

XTRF integrates seamlessly with industry-leading CAT tools, so your vendors can use the software they’re familiar with. With easy access to the relevant translation memories, termbases, and other resources, your vendors can deliver high quality work to meet the needs of the most demanding client. No more to-ing and fro-ing about files, compatibility issues, and formats either – allow vendors to easily access and deliver all the files they need, in the correct format.

Keep your vendors happy

Get the best of both worlds with automation and customization. Use templates and automation of communication to save time and ensure clarity and consistency. But, if you want to give your messages that personal touch, you can also customize the messages as you like. This can help your vendors feel like they’re not just a number, to feel more valued. But perhaps the most important ingredient for happy vendors is timely payment. Allowing vendors to create their invoices through the portal, and automating payments, means you can be sure they’ll be paid on time. Forget calls and emails chasing unpaid invoices, this is a process that really benefits from automation. And, by keeping your vendors happy, you can ensure you retain the crème de la crème. Ultimately, this helps keep your clients satisfied too.

What do our clients think?

“Our cooperation with XTRF has taken Glocco’s operational capabilities to a new level. The goal was to do more with fewer employees, and thanks to automation, ease of use, and excellent support, we achieved this goal in a relatively short time. With XTRF, we are able not only to manage most of our processes with a single and secure system, but we are also able to integrate this system with our CAT tools, to create an automated workflow. The user-friendly Vendor Portal has helped us streamline the file assignment and delivery process and has also simplified the vendor invoicing process. At the end of the day, you want something that is easy to use and when something breaks down, there is always somebody to help you within minutes. This is exactly what we got!” — Boris Chrenko, CEO, GLOCCO

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