Key components of an end-to-end
translation process

Key components of an end-to-end
translation process

Key components of an end-to-end
translation process
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What does ‘end-to-end’ mean? In the software world, an end-to-end solution is one that covers all of your processes and meets all of your needs. So when we apply this to the translation industry, it means each stage of your workflow, and each team is covered by the same software. That piece of software does everything you need it to. There’s no need to just add on this little system here, and that little app there. So what does an end-to-end translation process really look like?

One centralized system

A centralized system. One each and every team and team member in your organization use. From sales to localization project manager, to accounts. Forget looking in umpteen different places, or coming across conflicting information. That system will be your one source of truth. This helps the translation process run more smoothly and makes communication so much easier.

Since the lack of communication in project management is one of the main sources of mistakes, and ultimately, unhappy clients, the importance of clear and regular communication can’t be overstated. The project communication management process is so much simpler when you’re using one comprehensive system. If you need to check what the client asked for or see what you sent them, it’s all stored right there. And by making sure everyone’s on the same page, teamwork will come much more naturally too.

An automated translation process

Imagine files and project details moving seamlessly from a client, to project manager, to a translator, to a reviewer, and finally, back to the client. The instant one step is complete, they automatically move onto the next. Sound like a dream? Trust us, it can be your new reality! With such a system, there’s no need for project managers to be so hands-on. What’s more, XTRF’s CAT Tool integration means that while projects are created and files distributed via XTRF, your CAT Tool of choice simultaneously creates projects or sends and delivers packages in the background. This means your translators benefit from all their preferred CAT Tool has to offer, while you benefit from the automation options of a TMS.

Non-linear projects work well too. XTRF caters for agile localization processes and is set up to handle a regular transfer of content between developers and localizers.

The bigger picture

Many organizations, large and small, suffer from the silo effect. The silo effect is where different teams tend to only work and communicate within their immediate team. They don’t communicate across the wider organization. Not only does this mean more scope for mistakes, but it also means you and your team only see one piece of the puzzle.

If your staff members can’t see where their work fits in the bigger picture, it can be hard for them to feel it has value. Imagine you work in sales. You do your best to sell your companies’ localization services to new clients. But you never find out what becomes of them. Did they convert? Maybe they’re now generating significant revenue for the company, and you didn’t even know. If instead, you could see the impact of your work, it’s sure to motivate you.

It goes without saying that having a better view of the whole organization is good for senior management too. See where you’re doing well and where you could improve. Discover where you’re spending lots of resources or money, and what’s generating the most income. While this might be possible without an end-to-end system, extracting and comparing data from multiple disparate sources is nobody’s idea of fun.

XTRF can help you get there

We know this might sound near impossible. Or perhaps overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve helped hundreds of translation and localization companies just like yours make an end-to-end translation process reality. We help you throughout the process, from discussing your requirements to outlining implementation, to finessing and working on customizations, and continuously improving our system. So if you like the sound of that, but don’t know where to start, just get in touch. We’re happy to talk you through the process.

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