Low costs and happy clients – Attached’s success story

Low costs and happy clients – Attached’s success story

Low costs and happy clients – Attached’s success story 1920 1465 XTRF Team

Based in The Hague, the highly reputable Attached team tirelessly strives to produce top-quality results by combining the expertise of its technical and linguistic teams.

Tailor-made automation

A few months ago, Attached approached us for assistance with regards to creating a fully automated delivery process to eliminate the need for manual handling altogether. The wishes of one of their enterprise software clients meant they now needed to translate and implement strings of text at the touch of a button.

Of course, the huge technological advancements that have been made in this area meant that there were several options available to them. However, Attached preferred to integrate their existing system infrastructure so far as possible.

Additionally, the aforementioned client had also requested that costs be kept to an absolute minimum. XTRF accepted the challenge!

Smart means speed

For XTRF, the project certainly presented some challenges. Nevertheless, our team’s experience enabled us to come up with a solution that suited all parties involved.

In the end, Smart Connectors were the ultimate solution. These tools enable project managers to create projects exponentially faster and also provide extra functionality for end clients. In addition, Memsource was integrated into the platform.

However, there were certainly a few bumps in the road. Luckily, the localization engineering team at Attached was able to support the project by creating a macro to fix some of the more complex actions.

Stellar support

The Memsource integration coupled with the use of our Smart Connections enabled Attached to launch their system in record time. In addition, costs were also kept within their client’s budget.

Although it wasn’t all smooth sailing at the start, the XTRF support team was able to iron out any issues and help the team master the new system.

The great news is that Attached now has an automated workflow that facilitates quick turnarounds with next to no manual handling — made possible by the flexibility of XTRF’s Translation Management System.

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