How can you make money with XTRF?

How can you make money with XTRF?

How can you make money with XTRF? 1920 1465 Konrad Chmielewski

How can you make money with XTRF?

The decision to invest in a TMS is never an easy one, especially with so many options on the market. However, with XTRF there is more than just simple efficiency to be gained. In the article, we aim to demonstrate just how our unique software can make you a little extra money, as well as making life for both vendors and project managers a whole lot easier.

Reap TMS rewards from day one

While some of XTRF’s benefits may take a little while to come to fruition, others will be notable from the get-go. And it all starts with vendor management. When embarking on your new TMS journey, our team highly recommends making the most of the opportunity to sort through your vendor database.

For this reason, we encourage importing the data of relevant vendors only. It’s worthwhile sending the rest a notification and asking them if they’re still interested in collaborating with your company. This will give you an up-to-date perspective on the vendors you have available and will enable you to delete any data that is no longer relevant.

How will this make me more money, we hear you ask? Well, the answer isn’t as complex as you might think. If you have more accurate data about your vendors, their specializations, and the quality of the texts they produce, then you’re far more likely to hold on to valuable clients and keep them smiling.

Filters keep bias at bay

In many translation agencies, project managers have a tendency to rely on a select group of linguists they’re familiar with or who are extremely responsive to project notification. While communications skills certainly go a long way, there are often highly qualified vendors that are cast aside for specialized projects.

However, our system shows no sympathy to specific vendors. That is to say, those linguists who are top-rated are the ones that will automatically be selected to complete the job in question.

By making use of some of the core functionalities of XTRF, our team is able to put together a database that makes use of flexible filters to enable specific vendors to be selected. For example, managers will be able to carry out a simple search of those vendors who specialize in medical translation, as opposed to relying on their experiences with previous projects.

In other words, you get a comprehensive insight into who is available to work with. It is even possible to set up a chain of notifications to send specific requests to those matching the criteria for a certain project.

What’s more, filters can be used to ensure that new vendors that are recruited by your colleagues are tested as soon as a relevant project becomes available. This helps to keep your vendor pool fresh and ensures that your clients always have linguist options available. In other words, by providing them with instant access to quality linguists you ensure that the money keeps coming in.

Keep things moving after sundown

One of the biggest advantages of XTRF is that clients are provided with their own personal portal. Ultimately, this gives you the ability to accept work even when you’re not at the office. Wondering how? Well, in a nutshell, your clients are able to submit automated work requests at any time of day.

This gives you the option to scale your business to time zones that would otherwise be out of the question or would involve investing in additional personnel. However, with features such as the quote request form, clients can receive an estimate even when the project manager is sleeping. This effectively means that revenues will increase since your company will be working 24/7.


Of course, this is just a snapshot of some of the benefits XTRF has to offer. If you like to learn more about exactly what our unique TMS can do for your company then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team:

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