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Make XTRF yours

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Bartosz Budzyński is XTRF’s Head of Professional Services. At XTRF Summit #online 2020, he ran a session on how to make the most of the many customization options to tailor the system to your specific needs. This article is based on his presentation.

We’ve designed XTRF to be scalable. This means it can grow as your business grows, working for you no matter what stage your company is in. And while it offers plenty of off-the-shelf options, sometimes you need to give a personal touch to make it a perfect fit for your organization. That’s what the Professional Services team is here to help with. Within our team sit the implementation team, the administration team (who help you set up your infrastructure), and the customization department. It’s the work of the customization department I’m going to focus on here.

Customization options

Some of the customization options we offer are:

  • Custom columns
  • Scripted steps (helping you automate repetitive steps and connect with third party systems)
  • Macros
  • Document templates (using the most powerful document template engine in the industry to add your branding to client and vendor documents)
  • Email templates
  • Customer API
  • Home Portal API (which you use to integrate with other systems. See Henrik’s article on this topic.)

Customization in action

During the talk, I ran two small demos, showing how to:

  1. Display in the system when a project is invoiced in full (i.e. all of the different tasks have been invoiced). To do this, I used a custom column and set up filters and columns. Once that custom column has been created, it becomes a reusable element, meaning that PMs can simply add it whenever they want.
  2. Add a summary to a notes tab when a project is closed and fully invoiced. To do this, I created a macro. The notes tab was configured to display the project cost, amount invoiced, and project manager.

For technical pros and technical novices

If you’re technically-minded and would like to give the above APIs a go, you can head straight to XTRF’s GitHub and get tinkering.

But don’t worry if this all sounds too technical, we’re here to help! You can just leave the technical stuff to us. That’s what the development team is here to do.

We can help build your system from scratch, including:

  • Designing, establishing requirements, and running acceptance tests
  • Building the system for you
  • Testing the system out
  • Making sure you’re familiar with how to use everything, and that it matches your expectations

A pilot program of sanity checks

We’ve also started a pilot program of what we’re calling sanity checks. This is where we meet with our clients and try and figure out the issues they face, and what we can do to resolve them. This has been an interesting exercise. Generally, we encounter problems that are irritating for our clients, but actually pretty easy for us to solves. In fact, we can usually fix most of their issues within a few hours. And we’re generally able to reduce clicks by 80-90% just by writing a simple macro.

Upcoming developments

We’re currently working on an exciting new project called XTRF Landscape. It’s a suite of products that give you the building blocks to create what you need. It’ll include things like OCR and speech-to-text, which can be seamlessly integrated into your workflows. For example, if you’re using external tools like HubSpot, you’ll be able to easily integrate this into XTRF. And we’re continually aiming to expand this library of services. You’ll also be able to start using this new API to connect to any system you like.

How to get customizing

We’re more than happy to help with ad hoc requests. The best way to start off a customization project is to get in touch with your customer success manager. They’ll be able to advise how to take things forward, what’s included in your XTRF package, and the next steps.


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Professional Services Director


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