Managing internal and external
workload via TMS

Managing internal and external
workload via TMS

Managing internal and external
workload via TMS
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How to manage workload effectively with conflicting deadlines and priorities? It’s the million-dollar question for project managers, in-house translators, and external vendors alike. The good news is that translation management software can help you better manage and even reduce your team’s workload. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it.

Gain oversight of everyone’s workload

Managing overwhelming workloads can be a challenge for us all, whether a freelancer or a permanent staff member. It’s important to have an understanding of what’s on everyone’s plate, so you can distribute work evenly and fairly and avoid any team members burning out.

When it comes to external vendors, XTRF’s new vendor workload tool allows you to easily check vendors’ remaining capacity. Calculated automatically, it takes into account their productivity, hours allocated for each job, and of course, any vacation periods booked in. This means less time wasted sending job requests to those that are already busy.

Internal team workload management is also much easier. Get a clear idea of what your in-house vendors and project managers are working on, and what their capacity is thanks to the worklog and time-tracking functionalities. Track hours per project and customer so you can understand where time is being spent. Generate reports to help you understand your company’s overall efficiency, such as work logged per customer or per client. If you want to delve deeper than the off-the-shelf reports, you can easily create a custom report with the metrics you’re looking for.

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Reduce workloads through your TMS

As well as acting as a workload management tool, XTRF goes one step further by actually reducing workloads. For a start, automation reduces your project managers’ workload by automating repetitive tasks they would have previously done manually. Next, your external vendors will be able to take care of administrative tasks like invoicing and ask questions much quicker thanks to the dedicated vendor portal.

And this is just the beginning. At XTRF HQ we’re working on a new way of communicating. It will mean keeping all communications about a project within the project itself, so you can easily see the context of comments and queries. Everyone will be on the same page. Workspaces will be used to facilitate communication with multiple vendors working on the same project, and between your internal teams, while an app will mean vendors can respond quickly when they’re away from their desk. Ultimately, this saves time all around, reducing workload in particular for your all-important project managers. We’re sure they’ll love the idea of making their work lives that little bit easier.

XTRF informs, streamlines, and communicates

So, how does XTRF help you manage the internal and external workload? Time tracking and capacity reporting give insight into remaining capacity so you’re better informed. Automation saves time and therefore reduces workloads, and finally, our upcoming new communication method will save time all around.

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Boguslaw Reich

Bogusław joined the XTRF team in June 2016 in the role of Business Analyst. A year later he transferred to the position of Implementation Project Manager and assisted many of our current clients in preparing and launching the XTRF Platform. In July 2019 he was appointed XTRF Product Owner. Before joining XTRF, Bogusław worked for over four years as a Project Manager at Argos Multilingual – one of the leading LSPs in Poland. He also has prior experience in the area of content management and localization. Overall, he has over 10 years of experience in the localization industry in various roles.

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