Open doors to global markets with TMS

Open doors to global markets with TMS

Open doors to global markets with TMS 1920 1465 XTRF Team

Going global is an absolute must in modern business. But leaning on tech is vital in order for international business expansion strategies to succeed these days.

The language industry is of course no exception. As client requests flood your inbox and translation turnaround times begin to creep up, it soon becomes clear that the age-old manual methods just won’t cut it anymore.

That’s not to say investing in a translation management tool like XTRF will work miracles. It will certainly give your business growth strategy a fighting chance though.

Handle the time zone issue

Global expansion can be logistically challenging. It often seems impossible to deliver excellent customer service when your office hours never coincide. But improving communication doesn’t have to mean extra office hours for your employees.

Giving clients the power to request a quote or create a project at any time of the day or night means your team doesn’t always have to be on high alert.

XTRF’s Client Portal essentially automates cooperation between you and your customers. It even goes so far as to evaluate their KPIs.

And a platform like this won’t just keep your clients happy either. Professional and committed vendors are the linchpin in any translation or localization company—without them, things would fall apart.

That’s why making them feel appreciated is key. XTRF enables clients to share feedback with vendors so they don’t just feel like a number and fosters lasting relationships.

Maintain high standards

Reputation is central to any successful market development strategy. But ensuring translation quality across the board can prove tricky as the volume of work begins to increase.

With a TMS like XTRF, you’ll have greater control of your overall translation quality. The platform’s evaluation system records and stores information about each and every vendor’s performance.

This gives your Project Managers and Vendor Managers the power to make well-informed HR-related decisions. After all, it only takes one mediocre translation to jeopardize a lucrative client relationship.
What’s more, you can even narrow down your search to include only the best vendors with the most competitive rates. This keeps translation quality high without unnecessarily increasing client costs.

Business health is key

It goes without saying that clients make a company. However, when it comes to international expansion, businesses all too lose sight of their goals when portfolios increase.

Of course, having a thorough analysis of your business at hand allows you to make sound decisions. And that’s where a translation management tool like XTRF comes in.

Its unique reporting tool provides you with all the data you need to make key adjustments whenever and wherever your business requires. Not only will you be able to identify the most profitable work, but prioritizing offers from loyal clients will also be possible.

The platform’s performance report capabilities also allow you to uncover trends, whether good or bad.

With translation management software, you won’t need to spend endless hours in meetings or at your computer analyzing data to get an accurate picture of how your company is doing.

By investing in a system like XTRF you can ultimately focus on what is most important — your company expansion.



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