Scalability and simplicity – Diction’s success story

Scalability and simplicity – Diction’s success story

Scalability and simplicity – Diction’s success story 1920 1465 XTRF Team

Significant growth called for the latest technology in the industry.

Diction has experienced significant growth in recent years. As a result, they needed a software tool able to handle complex projects for their growing client base. Diction’s founder and CEO, Martin Boberg explains the challenges they faced and why they choose XTRF:

Ever since we founded Diction, our philosophy was that ordering translations should be simple and easy for our clients. With our simple homepage and order system, we delivered on this. But nowadays we have clients with more complex projects. This meant we needed an intuitive project management system that would be easy for both our project managers and our clients to use. With XTRF we have a cloud-based end-to-end translation management system that helps us with all our workflows, which in the end will result in a better experience for our clients. We’re very much looking forward to continuing to implement XTRF. We also see XTRF as a strategic partner in our future growth plans.

Preparing Diction for growth by using XTRF technology

Andrzej Nedoma, XTRF founder and CEO states, “We’ve worked hard to create a translation project management platform that can help fast-growing language suppliers. Therefore, we are thrilled that Diction has chosen us. We look forward to working closely with them and continue developing the platform to meet their future growth needs.”

Common history & shared values

XTRF’s founders started out running a small language service provider (LSP) working in a single language pair. This grew into a larger LSP managing translation and localization across a wide range of languages for a growing client list, just as Diction has. But they faced challenges managing complex projects using various software applications and spreadsheets. So they decided to develop a project management platform to solve these problems. XTRF was born. With such a similar history, XTRF is an excellent option for Diction. So far, project management has been integrated into XTRF, with clients, invoicing, and vendors to follow shortly.

About Diction

Diction was founded by Martin Boberg in 2014 and is today one of the fastest-growing translation agencies in Scandinavia.

XTRF Client - Diction

Martin Boberg

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Diction ApS

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