Shaping Your Product by Listening to Your Customer Needs, PART II

Shaping Your Product by Listening to Your Customer Needs, PART II

Shaping Your Product by Listening to Your Customer Needs, PART II 150 150 Lukasz Kaleta

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Two weeks ago one of our customers shared some beautiful business reports he created using Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. Dashboarding allows you to tell great data stories to support better business decisions. The reports were based on different sets of data exported from XTRF in CSV format. Google Data Studio was not connected to our platform and we had been unaware of its existence, even though we are up to date with technical trends and products released by Google.

The idea came at the perfect moment – thank you, Mark. We had been looking for quite some time for a BI platform that would support the XTRF built-in reporting module to respond to a growing demand for professional reporting. As the Google Data Studio ease of use, integration capabilities, and data security conformance, as well as legendary Google stability and free access, are not to be overestimated, we get our chance to be one of the first companies to integrate with GDS.

translation management system integration with google data studio

A first version of the Connector has been created within the last two weeks. It exploits XTRF API and enables live access to any data set stored in XTRF. The connector is currently being tested by the first users. Mark is still actively helping us shaping the final functionality and shares valuable insights regarding the structure of the reports.

Thanks to community engagement, we’ve addressed an important issue in an innovative way for a fraction of the cost… and in almost no time when compared to ideas we had in mind originally.

It took XTRF only two weeks to give a first user access to
an integration solution inspired by the user community.

Lukasz Kaleta

Lukasz Kaleta

Lukasz takes care of XTRF strategic customers. He began in 2009 as a support specialist and later used to shape XTRF as its product owner to be beautiful on the outside and powerful on the inside. He thrives on envisioning experiences that delight users. UX Enthusiast. Minimalist. Explorer. Troubleshooter.

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