Smoother, easier and faster management — LexTranslate success story

Smoother, easier and faster management — LexTranslate success story

Smoother, easier and faster management — LexTranslate success story 1920 1465 XTRF Team

Giving time back to the management team

Lex Translate is a legal translation firm that provides legal translations in a multitude of language combinations.

The company made the decision to invest in XTRF on account of the high number of projects they have to manage at any one time, which often involve various language pairs. Simply put, the structure of the platform enables the company to make use of specific features and tools for each individual project.

XTRF’s file management capabilities and invoicing procedures have also made life far easier for internal providers and have freed up time for them to focus on other important tasks. The tools have assisted Lex Translate across the board in terms of the transition from office to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Benefits are clear to see

The agency believes that the implementation of the tool has helped them to both plans for the future, while also providing them with a more organized way to manage varied streams of work.

It is certainly performing above and beyond what was initially expected by the company, with users also keen to extoll the virtues of the platform.

Simonetta Buccellato, a partner at the firm, believes that XTRF will help the company to run more smoothly looking ahead, and will give precious time back to multiple stakeholders in the workflow.

She would highly recommend it to any translation term who is interested in having a well-organized management tool.


Simonetta Buccellato
Co-founder, LexTranslate

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