Make your XTRF implementation a success

Make your XTRF implementation a success

Make your XTRF implementation a success 1920 1465 Mateusz Magdziarz

If you’re a keen reader of our blog, then you most likely have some idea as to how XTRF is implemented. It is good to know the basics of the process, but the next thing to consider is how to proceed to get the most out of it. Hopefully, this set of tips will help you to ensure your TMS implementation is as smooth and beneficial as it can (and should!) be.

Prepare a dedicated TMS team

The XTRF implementation is not exactly a walk in the park – it requires a great deal of work on both XTRF’s and the Client’s side. As such, it is worth making sure you have a team that is able to devote time to this process and has the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with the challenge.

A person responsible for the implementation on your side should know your company and its daily routines from the inside out. XTRF (as a tool) can be tailored to suit the needs of any translation agency or company, but we would like to get to know them from a reliable source. Being tech-savvy is a great trait to have too.

At XTRF, we strive to learn as much as possible about our client’s operations in order to configure and customize a TMS that meets their individual needs.

In some cases, we also recommend having your own IT specialist, especially if you plan to use the CAT tool integration. If you wish to host XTRF on your own server – then it is a must-have.

Follow the project plan…

Every project manager knows how important it is to the success of a project to set clear goals, prepare a realistic schedule and keep track of the progress. It is no different when it comes to TMS implementation.

During the entire process, you will be given access to the regularly updated project plan with a list of tasks to be completed, their planned timeframe, and a list of closed tasks. On this basis, you will always be able to see what has already been done, assess the amount of work remaining, and plan the team’s availability in advance.

…but not at all costs

While the project plan is a handy reference material used to guide you through the process, it is worth remembering that it is not set in stone.

Some tasks can cause more difficulties than others, and some can be finished ahead of time – our project plan takes this into account and leaves room for adjustments.

In other words, what may have taken a month or so to configure for another translation agency could take far longer for you. It all depends on how much time you’d like to spend redesigning internal processes and the specificity of configuration details.

That said, it’s worth bearing in mind that no two implementation processes are the same. In other words, what may have taken a month or so to configure for another translation agency could take far longer for you. It all depends on how much time you’d like to spend on redesigning internal processes and customizing your TMS.

Sometimes it is tempting to stick to the plan regardless of the circumstances, but in the long run, it is always better to stop and rethink the current approach when something unexpected happens,

Learn, practice and test

We provide dedicated user training as a part of the implementation process. This helps users to get familiar with the new system in a relatively short period of time and to become self-reliant from an early stage.

In addition, each of them is recorded and available for later use. Remember to focus during sessions with our product experts, don’t hesitate to ask any questions that may come to your mind, and don’t be afraid to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice. Practice makes perfect!

Successful implementation is not possible without thorough testing – this cannot be stressed enough. The better you work through this period, the more you will be satisfied with the final result – this allows for last adjustments to be made before XTRF is deployed for production and to make sure you know the ropes and feel prepared to use the system in real-life scenarios.

Trust our translation agency experience

A new TMS means new opportunities – and during the implementation, it is our job to help you seize them. This can be treated as a chance to revise your processes using the capabilities of the new system or to clean up your database of clients and vendors during the import part – everyone likes new beginnings!

You will have the opportunity to cooperate with trainers who have implemented XTRF in a dozen or several dozen translation agencies and other companies, and so they have seen the application of the system in various practices – why not try to put their experience to work for your benefit? Discover more about the whole implementation process here.

Mateusz Magdziarz

Mateusz Magdziarz

Mateusz helps people to get familiar with XTRF and makes sure that the implementation service is of the highest quality. For more than 3 years he has been helping the biggest XTRF clients achieve their business goals. Mateusz holds a Psychology Major and is a Certified Agile Project Manager.

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