Using translation management software to streamline production and cut costs

Using translation management software to streamline production and cut costs

Using translation management software to streamline production and cut costs 150 150 Konrad Chmielewski

XTRF is a translation management software. But you could also call it translation productivity software since it streamlines your processes to ultimately increase productivity and decrease costs. But it’s not just the software itself that does this. We humans of XTRF have decades of experience in the translation and localization industry too. And we draw on this expertise to help you work more efficiently, even before you’re fully set up with the software. Don’t think the story ends after implementation either. XTRF is software as a service. This means that we listen to you, our clients, and your needs, and continually improve the system to make sure it works for you today, tomorrow, and ten years from now.

Streamlining processes even before implementation

How to increase productivity at work? It’s quite a hot topic. You probably know that translation management software will save you time. But did you know that it helps you streamline your production before you’ve even implemented it? How? Well, here at XTRF, we don’t rush our new clients into implementation. Instead, we begin by helping you strategically analyze your workflows and processes.

Together we discuss not just how you work now, but how you could work more efficiently and effectively, and how you might work in the future. Doing this helps ensure you get the most out of XTRF. Plus, our clients tell us that the very act of discussing their operations helps them rationalize, organize, and streamline workflows.

Automation saves money and makes you competitive

After implementation, you’ll really start to reap the rewards of using a translation management software. Use automation to reduce the time spent on projects, from the straightforward through to the more complex. With XTRF, choose to automate file distribution, delivery, and vendor selection, or keep some of these processes manual, depending on what works best for you. Automation allows you to increase your productivity dramatically, and by saving time every step of the way, you reduce costs too. The amount of time saved makes every project more profitable.

Automation also makes you more competitive. Firstly, by reducing your production costs, you can offer competitive pricing. Secondly, by being able to work more efficiently, you can quote and deliver quickly. In an environment where time is of the essence, your ability to respond quickly with an attractive quote means you’re ideally placed to win more business.

24/7 portals mean less emails

Dedicated client and vendor portals mean your team needs to respond to fewer emails. The portals give clients and vendors all the information they need to know, at their fingertips. Vendors no longer need to email through their invoice or check when it will be paid. Clients can begin a new project or check the status of an ongoing project at the click of a button. This means less reliance on your staff. Plus, since the portals are available 24/7, they can get the information they need when they need it, rather than just during office hours.

How XTRF supports agile localization workflows

As well as streamlining linear translation workflows, XTRF also allows you to implement truly agile localization workflows. Primarily used for software, an agile localization workflow is one in which localization takes place as the software is being developed so that all the different localized versions are ready for launch at the same time. This involves the delivery of small pieces of localized content very quickly, and a regular transfer of content between developers and localizers.

The tight turnarounds and constant to-and-fro involved mean you need a system that’s able to support such a workflow. And here at XTRF, we get it. In fact, our own software is developed using the agile methodology, so we really understand the value of this approach, and we know how to help.

XTRF – your tool for increased productivity

From a holistic approach to your company’s operations, for the most straightforward projects, or complex agile localization workflows, XTRF is a key productivity tool. In turn, saving time throughout your workflow means you reduce costs, so each project becomes more profitable. Plus, we even offer a free no-obligation trial, so you can test it out yourself. What’s not to love?

Konrad Chmielewski

Konrad Chmielewski

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