Using a TMS for project communication

Using a TMS for project communication

Using a TMS for project communication 1920 1465 Mateusz Magdziarz

Effective communication is the key to project success. Your project managers may be excellent communicators, but unless they have the right tools, they can only do so much.

Translation and localization project management is complex, especially when you’re looking after multiple projects, with multiple language combinations, and multiple delivery dates. Then add in making sure clients and vendors have everything they need when they need it. Staying on top of all of this can be a real challenge. While technology is not a magic wand to solve all of your problems, it can definitely help streamline processes and communication. At the end of the day, Translation Management Software (TMS) like XTRF will make your project managers’ lives easier, giving them the time and energy to do what they do best: effectively communicate and manage projects.

The Home Portal – your PMs’ hub

The aptly named Home Portal is a hub for your PMs. From here, they can see project details, files sent and received, and all communication with vendors, clients, and among team members. Quickly and easily, they have a snapshot of each projects’ status, so they can identify potential issues, and follow up where necessary. Access to all this information means they no longer need to chase these details via email, messages, or phone. Senior management will also appreciate having a quick overview of where things stand.

More effective communication, internally and externally

Storing all project information within one system that all of your team can access means that if one staff member is ill, another can easily pick up where they left off. And with your entire organization, from sales through to accounts, working within the same system with the same information, communication becomes easier and more consistent. What’s more, if something goes wrong with a project, checking back on conversations, requests, and files delivered couldn’t be simpler.

Automation + Customization = project success

Here at XTRF, we love automation. And believe it or not, automation can also help with project communication management, without coming across as impersonal. By automating certain parts of your workflow, your project managers are freed up, so they can prioritize client or vendor relationship management and communication. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean manually typing out each email. Customizable email templates allow you to send out automated emails like quotes and project deliveries quickly, but with the messaging you want. Make sure it’s on-brand, or maybe even tailor it to individual clients. Plus, emails can be sent out in the client’s native language, even if the project manager doesn’t speak it. This doesn’t mean the templates are set in stone though. If you want to add a personal note to a client, go right ahead.

How a TMS can work for you

Translation management software helps you communicate effectively both internally and externally, ensuring project success. Harness automation for repetitive tasks and streamline your workflow so you can focus on building strong relationships with vendors and clients. Meanwhile, the easy to use, a comprehensive system means all your team will work better together. Customize email templates to speak to your clients in their language. Make your TMS work for you, so you can do your best work.


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Mateusz Magdziarz

Mateusz Magdziarz

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