Using TMS and CAT tools to manage large-scale ecommerce projects

Using TMS and CAT tools to manage large-scale ecommerce projects

Using TMS and CAT tools to manage large-scale ecommerce projects 1920 1465 Andrzej Nedoma

Ecommerce is booming. And B2B e-commerce even more so, with B2B projected to be twice the size of B2C in 2020. But today’s B2B buyers and e-commerce management teams are also more demanding. For B2B e-commerce companies to get a cut of the action, their websites need to be sleek, persuasive, and easy-to-use. And for companies offering global e-commerce services, this means translation and localization. After all, localized websites have shown to increase conversions time and again, and localization is increasingly considered a fundamental part of the e-commerce marketing strategy.

But translation and localization projects for e-commerce industries pose unique challenges. Often, they involve large batches of projects, high volumes of words, and a lot of repetitions. The scale of these projects makes traditional workflows time-consuming, costly, and difficult to manage. LSPs aiming to effectively deliver translation or localization solutions for e-commerce need to harness the latest technology and tools.

Using a CAT tool to stay on brand

You probably know that CAT Tools are ideal for repetitive texts. They offer up previously saved translations for the same or similar sections of text, making translation much more efficient and cost-effective. This can have a significant impact on internet retail projects, which can contain as much as 70% repetitions.

But did you also know that CAT Tools can also help maintain a brand’s tone of voice? You can use them to ensure consistency across projects for the same client and maintain client-specific termbases. Consistent translations, written in line with the client’s approved terminology and preferences – that’s a surefire way to get into their good books. What’s more, it will make revision less time-consuming at your end too.

Using automation for efficient, easy project management

Meanwhile, a TMS helps you manage translation and localization projects more easily and efficiently. It uses automation to streamline project workflows and ultimately, deliver projects faster – perfect for eCommerce services with tight turnarounds.

For example, with XTRF you can choose to automate a whole host of processes, from file distribution all the way through to vendor allocation. You can also set up customized workflows for specific clients, catering to their specific communication style, preferences, or even language of choice. This gives you a head start on the next project.

XTRF also offers advanced reporting to help you understand where you’re doing well and where you could improve. You’ll gain greater insight into your business as a whole, and benchmark it to the industry.

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With our powers combined… TMS with CAT Tool integration

To get the best of both worlds, choose a TMS that integrates industry-leading CAT Tools. This way, you benefit from the automation options of a TMS, while your translators benefit from all the functionality of their preferred CAT Tool.

With XTRF’s CAT Tool integration, you create projects and distribute files via XTRF, while in the background, your CAT Tool of choice simultaneously creates projects, sends, and delivers packages.

Use the latest tools to get your slice of the B2B ecommerce pie

Ecommerce services are enjoying unprecedented demand. To compete and remain relevant, they need to produce persuasive and consistent content, fast. To do this, and do it in a sustainable, cost-effective way, you need to make the most of the latest tools and technologies.


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Andrzej Nedoma

Andrzej Nedoma

Andrzej Nedoma is the co-founder and former CEO of XTRF Management Systems, a global translation management platform provider for translation companies of every size, in-house corporate language departments, and public organizations. Currently, he serves as a board advisor. His company helped hundreds of translation and localization agencies in 30 countries to leverage their potential. Andrzej was awarded the Polish Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 title in the category “Services”. He has been building his translation industry expertise since 1996 as a business development manager and as a Managing Director for a leading Central European translation company LIDO-LANG Technical Translations which was eventually sold to Sepro Group from Spain. Apart from work, Andrzej is also an engaged triathlete, competing in IronMan triathlon races - this year on Half-IronMan distance and preparing for full-IronMan distance in the near future.

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