Workload planning in the time of Covid

Workload planning in the time of Covid

Workload planning in the time of Covid 1920 1465 XTRF Team

We’ve perhaps never experienced such uncertainty. So many closures, restrictions, and guidelines. Lifted one day, then swiftly imposed again. And while many areas of the translation and localization industry are mercifully protected from many of Covid-19’s direct impacts, this situation does nevertheless affect our work. In particular, it makes project planning and understanding vendor availability a real challenge.

Vendor workload – the impact of the changing situation

Rules, restrictions, and closures vary by country. Even by region. And they’re currently changing on an almost daily basis. One day, a vendor – let’s call her Sara – has her children in school and can use public transport, traveling to her co-working office. The next, the schools close, public transport, many shops, and her office, all close. She needs to drop everything. Now, she needs to look after and teach her children from home, spend a long time getting the essentials she needs for her family, and attempt to work from the kitchen table. Clearly, these changes affect her ability to complete work.

Sara and people like her need to quickly update their clients on their availability and remaining capacity. In fact, this applies to your internal staff too. And in what is already a stressful and complex situation, you really want to make this as easy as possible.

Workload planning with XTRF

Firstly, vendors can quickly update their availability through the dedicated Vendor Portal. This allows project managers and vendors managers to quickly see who’s available, or to filter on this basis. What’s more, the vendor workload tool automatically calculates vendors’ remaining capacity, taking into account both their productivity and their availability. And if you’ve automated vendor selection, of course, those that are busy or away won’t be sent job requests.

Similarly, you can easily see the capacity of your in-house team, both vendors and project managers, thanks to the worklog and time-tracking functionalities.

Choose XTRF for efficient project planning and management

XTRF offers a range of functionalities that allow your team to assess workload and capacity and plan accordingly. And, coupled with XTRF’s numerous automation options, this makes for more effective and efficient project management.



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