XTRF 9.0 – how to plan for the update

XTRF 9.0 – how to plan for the update

XTRF 9.0 – how to plan for the update 150 150 Oskar Malina

I am very excited about XTRF 9.0, which will be available shortly.

This new version of XTRF provides even more flexibility, customization, and automation. It offers single sign-on for all three portals. It even has a fresh new look to match, with a new logo, colors, and icons.

By the beginning of May you will have a chance plan for the update in the Self Service Manager (SSM) by selecting your preferred installation date. To sign in to the SSM please click here and use your JIRA Ticketing system credentials. If you run into any problems, please get in touch with my team at success@xtrf.eu.

Otherwise, if you don’t make any changes in the Self Service Manager, your XTRF will automatically update to 9.0. version 30 days after the launch.

So keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked – we’ll be in touch with release notes and further details when it launches.

XTRF 9.0. The XTRF you know. Just with more of what you love.

Best wishes,
Oskar Malina

Oskar Malina

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