XTRF Success Stories

XTRF Client - Attached

The great news is that Attached now has an automated workflow that facilitates quick turnarounds with next to no manual handling — made possible by the flexibility of XTRF’s Translation Management System.



XTRF Client - Albion Languages logo Albion Languages has been using the XTRF system for 3 years. We love how it helps us keep track of our projects and work processes in a transparent way. It has also enabled us to handle our statistical data efficiently, which is a key element of our company strategy.

Alistair Binks - Managing Director / Albion Languages

XTRF Client - SKJAL logo XTRF‘s flexibility was an important factor for us in choosing a project management system as we needed a fair amount of adaptation to our environment. Since we began using XTRF we have gained a much better understanding of the status and flow of our projects.

Jóna Sigurbjörg Eðvaldsdóttir - General Manager / Skjal Translations

XTRF Client - Verba logo
We needed a software solution and system which would enable both management and the workers to reliably and objectively measure work results so that the employees who get a fixed monthly salary could also be rewarded for above-average results and thus motivated to work more efficiently.


Vanja Keindl - General Manager / VERBA

XTRF Client - Exero
With XTRF, I can get all of the state-of-the-art features without having to settle for less. I started with five licenses, which was perfect for the size of my company. I truly believe that XTRF fulfills every translation company’s needs, regardless of the size.


Iván López - Director / Exero Soluciones

XTRF Client - Ultimate Languages logo Ultimate Languages is a small, boutique translation and international digital marketing agency based in the United Kingdom. Our team has been using XTRF for the last two years and could not be happier with both the platform and the exceptional customer service delivered by their team. One of the main reasons for choosing to partner with XTRF was the ability to customize and develop the platform to suit the needs of our clients and our internal workflows. We have been working closely with the XTRF development team to create custom integrations to external systems such as HubSpot which was recently deployed. We highly recommend XTRF to any small-medium sized LSP looking to streamline and automate their processes in a user-friendly environment. The team’s on-going support is also something to boast about. From the initial onboarding and training, through to regular contact with our customer success manager, we could not have been made to feel more valued. Here’s to many more years of collaboration!

Emily Nash - Growth Manager / Ultimate Languages Ltd

XTRF Client - Transcom logo XTRF has been essential in taking our Project Management to the next level by automating basic yet necessary Project Management features and organizing the projects, vendors, and billing in a simple, accessible format. With XTRF, our Project Managers are free from repetitive, routine tasks, and can focus on managing complex projects in a manner that benefits our clients.

Matan Topper-Erez - Executive Director / Transcom

XTRF Client - Montero logo XTRF is the flexible and tailor-made platform that Montero Language Services needed to support its continuous and long term growth. The platform has linked all our business processes and is providing real-time information of every detail in the production chain. The platform is so flexible that we have been able to automate translation workflows in a few simple steps. This flexibility has reduced repetitive and manual tasks resulting in an optimized overall translation process. All stakeholders, translators, and customers are benefitting from its robust potential from the first minute.

Fernando de Castro - Chief Operating Officer / Montero

XTRF Client - Quick! Translations

The XTRF system was created by people who deeply understand such needs, and offers options for companies that do not have an extensive organizational structure, but still, need to use all the features specific to this sector. The settings allow us to adjust the system to perfectly suit our needs, without forcing unnecessary options on us that would interfere with our everyday work. The interface is very clear, user‑friendly, and easy to get to grips with.


Ewa Luchowska-Mertl - Managing Director / Quick! Translations s.r.o.

XTRF Client - Tilde logo As localization specialists and language technology innovators, we were extremely satisfied with the professionalism, technology expertise, and overall attentive client support that XTRF has provided us. XTRF provides all the necessary tools for modern localization project management such as integration with CAT tools, data analytics, but best of all, they helped us to fully customize their system to fit our specific needs! Without a doubt, we can recommend XTRF to anyone in a heartbeat!

Nansija Lībiete - Head of Localization Department / Tilde

XTRF Client - diction

Ever since they were first established, Danish translation agency Diction have prioritized simplicity for their clients. But as they grew and projects became more complex, this became more and more difficult to deliver. They were looking for an intuitive project management system easy for both their project management team and their clients to use. And one that was scalable, to support their future growth. XTRF was the answer.


Martin Boberg - CEO / Diction ApS

XTRF Client - WinTranslation logo I love the reporting. It is the best part of XTRF. I feel that I have the data I need now to make decisions, whereas before it took so much time that I sometimes did not bother to gather the information. I enjoy the daily reports emailed to me, such as quotes prepared per day and projects per day.

Huiping Iler - President / Wintranslation

XTRF Client - Olympus logo XTRF is a flexible system that can be tailored to individual needs and lets us manage difficult and demanding projects workflows. The convenient project overview and easy tracking function helps us managing and streamlining our workflows and accelerates our daily work.

Leena Anne Mayer - Specialist Documentation Services / Olympus Europa SE & CO. KG

XTRF Client - Choice Translating logo There were three main reasons why we decided to choose XTRF: QuickBooks integration, workflows and reporting. XTRF system and workflows are very easy to use and we have excellent feedback from our project managers and translators around the world.

Vernon J. Menard - Chief Operating Officer / Choice Translating Inc

XTRF Client - six continents logo XTRF can handle projects from start to finish (i.e. from the quote to the payment of the invoice) through a standardized path, allowing project managers to work more efficiently together. It is web-based, customizable, and allows us to adopt a collaborative approach to all our partners.

Gaetan Chretiennot - CEO / Six Continents

XTRF Client - Textinnova

XTRF is a complex, thorough Translation Management System that allows for very high customization and efficiency and incorporates a wide number of useful functions. We at Textinnova have been extremely satisfied with our experience, and after taking the time to learn everything about this TMS (which, understandably, can be a bit complex), we noticed just how different it was from all of our previous experiences with other systems — in a positive way.


Textinnova Team

XTRF Client - Lexika logo With XTRF we have all business-critical data in one single tool, easily accessible from anywhere without the IT overhead. We really enjoy the business reporting module and its on-demand or scheduled reports which save us hours of work monthly. Our PMs now have more time to spend on value-added tasks instead of manual emailing, quoting, or generating POs.

Michal Kmet - Managing Director / Lexika

XTRF Client - ITtranslations logotypeWe are using XTRF since 2012 and we are very happy with XTRF. Project management is far quicker than with flow we were using before and we now can manage many more projects than before. Moreover, there are lots of functions we didn’t have with Flow. And above all, their support team is impressive and they are consistently working to update XTRF with the latest market technologies and project management techniques. XTRF also provides a vast range of options to manage finances from invoicing to tracking missing payments.

Eñaut Urrestarazu Aizpurua - Owner / ITtranslations

XTRF Client - text & form logo Thanks to XTRF’s highly flexible structure, we were able to automate and streamline our teams’ specific processes and project workflows. The system adapts very easily to our complex and very diverse requirements. From the moment a new request comes into when the order is completed, XTRF plays a key role in helping all of our teams work faster and more efficiently. Working in times of Corona is anything but easy. Over the last few weeks, it has been vital to adjust all our business processes so that the project management team can work remotely. The excellent remote functionality offered by XTRF means that this has been possible with no disruption to our usual working practices.

Tino Hother - Head of Business Operations / Text & Form

XTRF Client - Tarjama
Using XTRF has simplified our complex daily workflows, saving us so much time and enabling us to work smarter. Ultimately, this means we can deliver better translations, faster, for our valued client.


Tarjama Team

XTRF Client - Maven International
We discovered that there were only two systems that fit the bill, being tailored to LSPs and offering the comprehensive range of functionalities and features we needed: XTRF and Plunet. We opted for XTRF because we found it to be more client-oriented.


Maven International

XTRF Client - Translation International logo
XTRF is a dynamic tool that has given us the ability to manage our projects, vendors, and clients all in one place, with cutting edge technology and the highest level of efficiency.


Molly Singh - Director, Admin & Operations / Translations International

XTRF Client - Global Scandinavia Translation logo XTRF lets us streamline the whole process from request for a quote to production and delivery, while also providing us with a powerful set of tools to evaluate our performance. To put it simply: XTRF plays a key role in our continuous work to increase efficiency, throughput, and quality.

Henrik Kühnemann - Head of Production / GLOBALscandinavia A/S

XTRF Client - Loqipa
We already know that using XTRF in your day-to-day workflow is like hiring a highly effective colleague.


Michaela Fioleková - Head of Production / Loqipa

XTRF Client - ATL logo
Project Managers do not need to prioritize time-consuming administrative tasks as these are being handled automatically in the background, and many of them simultaneously.

Joanna Tarasiewicz - Production Manager / ATL

XTRF Client - Intonations logo Intonation has managed its translation and interpreting business with XTRF since 2012 and has a great working relationship with XTRF’s team. We have introduced customizations to the software, involving expert in-depth assistance, and have recently moved to cloud hosting. We’ve found XTRF’s team made the move a fast, easy, and, most importantly, secure one, ensuring both our internal team and external stakeholders were not disrupted. We would recommend XTRF’s product and service to any fellow LSP.

Dan Peachey - Managing Director / Intonation Ltd
Client Success Storiess - XTRF Summit 2019
Simonetta Buccellato - Co-founder / LexTranslate

XTRF Client - Translation International logo

Suraj Singh - CEO / Translations International

XTRF Client - GLOCCO logo Our cooperation with XTRF has taken Glocco’s operational capabilities to a new level. The goal was to do more with fewer employees, and thanks to automation, ease of use, and excellent support, we achieved this goal in a relatively short time. With XTRF, we are able not only to manage most of our processes with a single and secure system, but we are also able to integrate this system with our CAT tools, to create an automated workflow. The user-friendly Vendor Portal has helped us streamline the file assignment and delivery process and has also simplified the vendor invoicing process. At the end of the day, you want something that is easy to use and when something breaks down, there is always somebody to help you within minutes. This is exactly what we got!

Boris Chrenko - CEO / GLOCCO

XTRF Client - Midlocalize logo XTRF has made my life a lot easier by automating many of the daily tasks I used to do, better tracking, and the continuous growth of our vendor database. It also leaves so much room for customization to our needs. I keep finding more utilizations for XTRF because it puts everything I might need in one place rather than going through several sheets and scattered emails like I used to do before it.

Mostafa Tarek - Project Management Team Leader / Midlocalize

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