Feature in focus:
Custom Columns and Smart Connectors

What is it?

Custom Columns and Smart Connectors are two different ways you can customize XTRF to suit your needs.

Custom Columns are non-standard columns that you add to any area of the Home Portal. You can name them however you like. For instance, maybe you’d like to include a column which indicates the project requester, client PO number, workflow status, or shows advanced financial data.

Smart Connectors are a way of automatically creating an XTRF project based on certain criteria, such an email sent to a specific address or a file uploaded to a specific folder (like an FTP/SFTP). This will be a real time-saver if you receive multiple projects sent in the same format.

What are the benefits?

  • Tailor the Home Portal by adding your own Custom Columns.
  • Automatically create an XTRF project based on an email or file upload.
  • Customize XTRF in other ways too – this is just a taste!

How does it work?

Custom Columns are like your own personal fields within the Home Portal. They can be placed within any area (or several areas) of the Home Portal, and you can name them whatever you like.

Smart Connectors work by automatically creating predefined projects once certain criteria – which you set – are met. This might be standardized emails sent to a specific email address, for example from your client’s TMS or other systems. Or it could be that a file is uploaded to a specific destination folder.

You can set up different Smart Connectors, for different clients for instance, and determine what the project should look like in each case. They can be either relatively basic or more complex. They can be a huge time saver for your project managers.

How do I get started?

For our XTRF users:

To create Custom Columns

Start by contacting your Customer Success Manager and providing them with information about the customization you need. You can read more in Knowledge Base article.

To set up a Smart Connector

You can create more basic ones yourself.
Or if you’re after a more advanced solution, you do need to have some knowledge of JavaScript. If that’s you, you can follow these instructions.

Otherwise, whether you need a simple or complex Smart Connector, feel free to just get in touch with your Customer Success Manager and we’ll take it from there.

If you’re not yet working with XTRF, then why not sign up for our free no-obligations trial so you can get a taste of the system.

Any questions? Get in touch with us at sales@xtrf.eu.