Feature in focus:
time tracking and logging in Home and Vendor portals

What is it?

XTRF allows you to keep track of time spent on different tasks and projects with time tracking and logging functionalities for internal staff and external vendors. This helps you trace the time (and money) spent back to specific clients.

What are the benefits?

  • Understand which projects or tasks your staff are spending the most time on, and help them understand it too
  • Allow internal and external vendors to log time spent on each project
  • Use automatic or manual time tracking for Home Portal users
  • Configure settings differently for different user groups

How does it work?

Home Portal users

For Home Portal users – in other words, your staff – you can enable manual or automatic time tracking. Configure it to determine the number of business hours per day, and which users should be able to time track.

Manual logging involves adding entries for different activities – the names of which can be customized. Meanwhile, automatic time tracking works across different areas of the system: clients, vendors, quotes, projects, and invoices. For work not tracked, such as work outside of XTRF, this can be added manually.


Once enabled, when a vendor delivers a job in the Vendor Portal, they’ll be prompted to log the amount of time they spent working on the project. This option can also be switched on for internal vendors.

How do I get started?

If you’re already an XTRF user, for the Home Portal, you’ll need to configure time tracking and logging within User Management. In the Work Log section, you can choose your overall settings, settings for different user groups, and determine the names for different entries. Find out more in the Knowledge Base article.

Meanwhile, for vendor time logging, head to Job Manager Settings within the Vendor Portal Configuration and choose from a few simple options. Find out more in the Knowledge Base article.l

If you’re not yet working with XTRF, then why not sign up for our free no-obligations trial so you can get a taste of the system.

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