built just for you

We’re super flexible. And proud of it.

We offer all sorts of ways for you to customize your XTRF right out of the box.
But our ability – and enthusiasm – to build almost anything you can think up is where we really shine.

We even have a dedicated Customization Department. They work with you to create the specific features, functionality,
and integrations you need. In fact, they’re the brains behind the Business Barometer,
our new business intelligence tool that gives you valuable insights about your company.

What are customizations?

Customizations are different aspects of the system that have been tailored specifically to you and your needs. This can include a huge range of things, but some of the more exciting options include macros, Smart Connectors, and Custom Applications.

  • Macros are powerful tools for extending XTRF’s capabilities, such as implementing advanced import and export options.
  • Smart Connectors allow you to automatically create projects or quotes based on specific emails received or files uploaded to a server.
  • And Custom Applications allow you to integrate your XTRF with external systems and use APIs to communicate between systems.

How does it work?

There are a few steps, but actually, it’s a pretty simple process. Let us walk you through it.


Get in touch with our Customer Success Department.


Our team will review your request, ask questions if needed, and come back to you with a scope of work document which details their proposed solution, a price, and what it includes.


If you’re happy with everything, we knuckle down and get on with the work.


We test it thoroughly, then release the new feature, functionality, or integration to you, with explanations of how it all works.

What sort of customizations can you have?

  • Used for ‘extending’ the capabilities of XTRF. A very powerful tool that can:

    • Send custom emails
    • Generate custom reports
    • Create invoices in extensions not available in XTRF by default (e.g. XML and CSV)
    • Modify data on an XTRF instance
    • Give advanced export and import options – such as sending files to an external server, or reading from files.
  • Automatic creation of projects and quotes based on the received emails or files uploaded to the FTP/SFTP.

  • The most advanced of our customization options, it gives you:

  • APIs act as intermediaries between two applications. They help you create, retrieve, or update something by sending data to a server. We have a range of pre-built APIs, but if they don’t cut the mustard, our customization team will be happy to create custom API endpoints tailored to your needs. For example, we’ve created APIs for our clients that:

    • download invoices uploaded to a specific location,
    • update the people included within Smart Projects,
    • retrieve all payment methods from the system,
    • add client payments.
  • Used for displaying additional or custom information in Smart Views such as:

    • Advanced financial data.
    • Data in additional tables.
    • Data not available by default and which is calculated dynamically.
    • Additional information for in-built XTRF notifications
    • Additional calculations
    • Custom styling of emails
    • Custom footer in emails
    • Possibility to use logic from the system to determine how the sent emails should look, or what should be sent
    • Change of layout
    • Change of letterhead
    • Change of print format (A4, US letter, etc.)
    • Displaying additional information which is not available by default in the standard templates
    • Custom numbering format for every numbered entity in XTRF
    • Ability to add several different Numbering Schemes for Custom Invoices or Custom Draft Invoices
  • Custom names for invoice items

Are you an XTRF customer?

Do you want to see XTRF in action?

Are you an XTRF customer?

Do you want to see XTRF
in action?