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API: Integrating XTRF
with other systems

The usually requested needs

The translation team deals with an external customer system (CMS). They have to download the translation package from the server to our internal file server and then upload it from there to XTRF Home Portal. Do you have any experience in automating such a process, ie. connecting an external customer system with the XTRF system?

Our client would like to automate sending us the projects so that we could retrieve orders from their system to XTRF. We have to download the translation packages from the external system, and then we have to upload the files back there after translation. So it would be great to investigate both scenarios.

Questions to ask the client

Should projects go through the quoting phase?

If so, how will quote be converted to project? By whom?

What does the intended translation process look like?

What files are expected on input?

  • All new files for all languages in one project.
  • Each new file starts a new project.
  • Each file for a different language.
    • If so, how will this be indicated? Language code in a filename?

Is there one requestor or who should be notified in an automated project like this?

Which process (workflow) should be used in XTRF?

How are vendors assigned?

How should files be delivered?

Solution no. 1 – Quote Request Form

It is a built-in form that you can incorporate into your website as a link or as a whole. New clients can request quotes by uploading their files and basic information about their translation needs.
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None: it is an inherent part of your Professional or Premium plan.

Solution no. 2 – Smart Connector

Smart Connector works on (1) your mailbox looking out for emails of certain characteristics, or (2) sFTP folder where files can be uploaded. Quotes or Projects are created according to a specified template based on new emails or files. Translated documents are delivered to a local directory or an sFTP folder.


  • One-off: a piece of code for defining how Smart Connector should work.
  • Monthly: a package of activated Smart Connectors – fees apply.

Solution no. 3 – API-to-API Connector

This solution gives you endless possibilities. Such a connection could add a quote or project to XTRF with files provided by the external customer system. Certain functionalities are only possible here.
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  • One-off: programming of a connector application with or without a User Interface.
  • Monthly: XTRF API access – fees apply.

Solution no. 4 – Third-Party Application: BeLazy

BeLazy offers connectors between XTRF and other systems, such as WeLocalize Junction, Lionbridge TMS or Google Sheets.

Contact BeLazy for details.

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