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memoQ integration
with XTRF

XTRF is a web-based platform for managing translation work.
Its integration with the memoQ server is extensive and powerful,
providing fully automated project creation, along with automatic
file analysis, and project management.

Established in 2010, XTRF has become one of the most popular management
systems in the translation market. With its innovative cloud-based
system, XTRF offers a userfriendly approach to management systems
which improves turnaround time, reduces the need for repetitive
manual tasks, and cuts costs for its users.

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Vendors can be assigned through XTRF which will result in a memoQ document assigned to those vendors. If a vendor changes something in XTRF, the change will instantly be visible in memoQ.

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You can select XTRF to start a memoQ project from scratch or convert a previously prepared quote into a project. Files and resources must be added to the XTRF project before triggering memoQ project creation.

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The start of a memoQ – XTRF project is the creation of a quote in XTRF. The memoQ server analyses the project files and sends the analysis to XTRF, where the quote document is prepared. You can choose in XTRF whether you wish to create a memoQ project at the same time as the quote.

XTRF - project finances calculation icon


Based on the analyses obtained from memoQ, XTRF can automatically calculate costs and revenue in a given project. Further automations can take care of issuing Purchase Orders for vendors, streamlining client & vendor invoicing process, among others.

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Prior to delivery, the memoQ TM is updated and the translated files are exported from memoQ to XTRF. The files can be processed further in XTRF or delivered straight to your client.

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