Sanity Check

What is it?

Sanity Check is a service that helps current XTRF users get the most out of their TMS. By optimizing, automating, and personalizing the system and identifying areas for possible reconfiguration, we’re able to provide you with more effective, long-lasting technical solutions. Run by our Professional Services Department, it includes:

  • Additional XTRF training for your staff
  • Fine-tuning the system to meet your needs
  • Looking into other ways we could customize XTRF for your organization

Who’s involved?

From your team:

You appoint a main contact person (or persons) with enough technical and procedural knowledge, as well as sufficient decision-making authority, to work with the XTRF team.

You’ll also need to provide access to IT resources and other assets we need to perform the service.

From XTRF:

  • Customer Success Manager (CSM) – your appointed XTRF representative will be responsible for process coordination, proper information flow, arranging meetings, and so on,
  • Product Customization Developer – a personalized solutions expert,
  • Implementation Specialist – responsible for execution and system operations.

Your CSM will decide which XTRF team members will be involved based on your processes and specific needs.

How it works

  • You begin by specifying what you want the Sanity Check to focus on, filling out a document where you define your needs. XTRF’s Professional Services Department reviews this, carries out an initial analysis, and drafts solutions, asking specific questions if needed.

    The level of detail you provide and the scope of the work significantly impact the timeline, efficiency, and overall cost of the Sanity Check. Providing extensive information before any meetings take place is key.

    Next, the CSM checks the availability of specialists. Once both parties confirm they are willing to proceed, we’ll provide you with an approximate timeline.

  • We’ll review the information you provided, and may suggest amending the scope of the work. We’ll discuss this with you if this is the case.

    If any new questions and areas for analysis arise during the briefing phase, both parties must agree whether they fall within the scope or not, and agree to an amended cost if appropriate. Once we both confirm the brief is finalized, it will become the basis for the project scope and cost, and a reference point for the Sanity Check.

  • In a two-hour online meeting (or two one-hour sessions), your team will meet with representatives from XTRF to discuss desired outcomes and proposed solutions.

    Additional diagnostics outside of scheduled meetings are also included in the overall cost, as long as they are within scope. If it takes longer than anticipated for us to complete the project, this cost will be borne by XTRF and will not be passed on to you.

  • APIs act as intermediaries between two applications. They help you create, retrieve, or update something by sending data to a server. We have a range of pre-built APIs, but if they don’t cut the mustard, our customization team will be happy to create custom API endpoints tailored to your needs. For example, we’ve created APIs for our clients that:

    • Download invoices uploaded to a specific location,
    • Update the people included within Smart Projects,
    • Retrieve all payment methods from the system,
    • Add client payments.
  • Once you’ve accepted our proposal, our team will get to work. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with progress and will ask any questions that may come up.

  • Once we’ve completed the work detailed in the proposal, and answered any additional questions you may have, we’ll confirm the Sanity Check is complete, and ask you to do the same.

Pricing: what’s included?

The following is free of charge:

  • Preparation and briefing phases
  • Up to two hours of diagnostics

Other work, including training and personalized services, which may be recommended during the Sanity Check, incur an additional cost. The price for this other work will be listed on the cost estimate.

The payment for the Sanity Check takes place after both parties confirm its completion, which includes performing the analysis itself, as well as answering additional questions. Confirmation is conducted by email between any representative from your organization and your CSM.

If you don’t confirm the completion of the Sanity Check process within ten calendar days after all the issues you raised have been addressed by XTRF, the service is considered to have been performed and is subject to invoicing.

Additional services that are identified as needs during the Sanity Check analysis are not a part of the Sanity Check. They are priced independently, in a separate cost estimate.

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