A Translation Management System for Rapidly Growing Language Providers

Streamline every inch of your business to create a well-oiled translation machine, using software that will skyrocket productivity.

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A Highly Customizable Translation Management System

Automate laborious
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vendors quickly
and easily
Harness powerful
insight into your
Streamline translation workflows
Automate laborious localization processes
Locate trusted vendors quickly and easily
Harness powerful insight into your clients

Discover XTRF

Give your Project Managers the tool they need to become more productive. Fast.

The Ultimate Project Management Platform for…


Language Service Providers

Fast-growing LSPs need to handle multiple project workflows, often involving multiple vendors, agencies, and systems, at once.

If your LSP is growing faster than your tech stack, XTRF can ensure you deliver a superb service to clients, whilst building a lean, efficient translation machine.


In-House Translation Teams

Busy enterprise translation teams require a sophisticated planning tool. One that can be adapted to fit existing internal processes.

Whether you are in charge of a team of in-house translators or use external suppliers: XTRF delivers complex project management workflows with ease.

Loved by Linguists

XTRF Client - Tarjama
Going global and automating project management

In recent years we’ve rapidly expanded, and now enjoy a global presence. But with offices, vendors, and clients spread around the world, we needed a system that would streamline our complex translation workflows, optimize our productivity, and give management full visibility.

XTRF provides us with a single environment where we can connect and work with all stakeholders throughout our end-to-end translation workflow – from processing client quotations to assigning tasks to linguists and delivering the final project.

XTRF also gives us a transparent view of all projects, including the revenue, costs, and profit margin of each project, which enables us to make key data‑driven decisions.

Using XTRF has simplified our complex daily workflows, saving us so much time and enabling us to work smarter. Ultimately, this means we can deliver better translations, faster, for our valued clients.

XTRF Client - Glonal textware logo
Moving from an in-house solution to XTRF cloud

XTRF is a comprehensive solution for a professional translation agency such as ours. All the departments are able to use one integrated platform…

  • Our sales department has optimized tools at its disposal for quoting and client management.
  • Vendor Management includes a complete database of our freelance translators.
  • The finance department is able to manage all invoices and payments in an efficient manner.
  • Management can generate useful reports regarding recent trends in our company.

Above all, our linguists and project managers are able to work with an efficient workflow. With XTRF, we combine the best practices of Global Textware with the possibilities that the TMS offers.

Software to Help You Scale

XTRF’s highly customizable interface can easily adapt as your business grows.

Meaning you can expand into new markets, smash project completion targets,
go global and watch as client profitability soars.

Seamless Integrations

No two translation businesses are the same.
So, to ensure your project management
flows effortlessly, we integrate with
all market-leading CAT tools.

A Game-Changer for
Your Translation Operation

With XTRF, your translation projects will be put on autopilot.
So get organized today. Our localization gurus are waiting to hear from you.