XTRF Free Trial – Terms of Use

The Terms of Use are meant to define the conditions under which users may utilize the XTRF Free Trial.

The XTRF Free Trial is a service intended for translation companies looking to implement Translation Management Automation. It allows users to try and examine the XTRF offer.


1. Definitions

  • XTRF Free Trial – a free service available for the calendar week in which registration was performed.
  • User – the person who registered for XTRF Free Trial.
  • User account – the individual profile created after registering for the XTRF Free Trial.
  • Operator – XTRF Management Systems S.A., ul. Walerego Sławka 5, 30-633 Krakow, Poland, KRS number: 000735467, REGON statistical number: 12131296.


2. Operator’s rights and obligations

  • XTRF is committed to maintaining the highest standards regarding the protection of private personal data entered into the XTRF Free Trial registration form.
  • Every Sunday morning all data implemented and collected by users in the XTRF Free Trial will be removed.
  • XTRF may suspend, limit, or terminate the XTRF Free Trial for any reason at any time without notice.


3. User’s obligations

  • In order to use the XTRF Free Trial, a user must first have a valid email address and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The user must also agree to receive information about XTRF products and consent to the use of their personal data for marketing purposes by XTRF Management Systems S.A.
  • The user can log into the XTRF Free Trial again via a link sent in a message after the registration process.
  • The user cannot enter data related to existing people and companies during testing the XTRF Free Trial.
  • Subscription to the XTRF Free Trial lasts until the end of the calendar week.
  • The user can’t perform invoicing tasks in the XTRF Free Trial.